UCIT Transformation

UCIT Transformation

The University of Cincinnati’s Information Technology department (UCIT) was undergoing an organizational transformation. They planned to create a new organizational structure to make their department excel. Drawing from the talent already in place, UCIT wanted to develop new initiatives to train, educate and prepare their employees. Change is fragile to navigate in such a large organization, so UCIT reached out to our team to provide the guidance and know how that would lead their transformation to success.

In conjunction with UCIT’s Chief Information Officer (CIO) and lead team, we began the work to chart a new path for the organization. One of the first initiatives was to create a transition management plan to ensure a smooth transition process. Meghan facilitated conversations with constituents at IT@UC to create a comprehensive vision of where they are now and where they see themselves going. The conversations focused on drawing on individual strengths and differences to creatively drive the whole organization forward. Focusing on a more people-centered culture, the next step was to develop new committees within the organization that would focus on areas such as leadership development and diversity and inclusion. These committees began to form initiatives such as the Leadership Academy and a Diversity and Inclusion matrix to allow diversity and inclusion to be measured in annual performance reviews.

With the formation of a new leadership initiative our team helped in the design, implementation and facilitation of IT@UC’s Leadership Academy. The Leadership Academy became an annual initiative rooted in a commitment to develop and train the future leaders of information technology. The Academy helps those at UCIT get to know one another, their strengths and makes for a happier, healthier workplace.

The Diversity and Inclusion committee jointly organized by the Office for Equal Opportunity and Access launched trainings in December. Our team was able to help the committee plan, organize and facilitate the trainings. In its inaugural year the committee implemented a plan for intentionally increasing the awareness of Diversity and Inclusion and it’s barriers- privilege and oppression- throughout the organization.

Due to the outstanding trainings put on by the Diversity and Inclusion committee UCIT is emerging as a diversity leader on campus. Their hard work was recognized when they became the recipient of the very prestigious Dr. Marian Spencer Diversity Ambassador Award at the University of Cincinnati’s Diversity Conference. UCIT is now looking into how they fit at the University as a whole, as well as staying true to their vision and one another. Keeping true to their vision and goals Meghan and our team helped UCIT chart the correct course and build a long-term sustainable change in a large organization.