A Word from MECC

I’m most looking forward to offering these tools to our partners as a means to build strong communication and strengthen teamwork. These personalized assessments allow for self-examination as well as a deeper reflection into a group’s dynamics, flagging the strengths as well as the opportunities. The resulting individualized reports offer insights, suggestions and action ideas that can be applied immediately.  It is a thorough, research-driven platform that allows us to dig deeper, faster into the root causes of particular dynamics that could only be uncovered before during an intensive assessment involving one-on-one interviews and the validation of findings. Framing it in terms of styles and preferences minimizes any potential stigma, reduces blame and shame while not allowing excuses for poor behavior. Understanding ourselves and others is the key to creating healthy relationships in the workplace and beyond, these assessments and the follow-up work are a bridge into this new reality.

I’m really excited about the opportunity to start using DiSC and Five Behaviors with our partners because I think it will enhance the great work we do together. The assessments use a unique approach called adaptive testing, which ultimately provides an extremely detailed and individualized report. While in Minnesota, we studied our own reports and were amazed at their insight, accuracy, and potential to be a long-term tool that we visit frequently.

During our time in Minnesota, we were able to meet many other consultants who have used these platforms throughout various industries and continue to see tremendous results with DiSC and Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team. Both Meghan and I left inspired by the people we met, and energized by the potential these products have for our clients and for us as a team. We can’t wait to use these assessments with you and your teams!